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Divine White Art Violet Flame Healing Angel - Soothing Healer Offers Life Renewal - Eases Stress and Worry

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Today we offer an amazing angel of happiness, peace, and soothing energy...He will bring you great joy, comfort, and stress relief. His blessings are pure positivity and completely life altering! He offers a new, more positive, and renewed you!

This is a healing race of angel who offers complete renewal.

In true form he is a handsome angel who is 6'2" tall, lean, has short blonde hair, violet eyes, and huge white wings. He looks to be in his early 20s. He will manifest as softly glowing white lights, soothing energy, and uplifting temperature changes or energy. 

About this race…

He can ease all levels of stress, headaches and aches and pains. This race also is very popular for helping people heal from minor emotional pains…They also uplift, bring peace, bring happiness and can bring about good luck…They can be more then healers! They remove the negative and bring in the positive. While their healing is an amazing gift this race is in no way to replacement medicine or a doctors care.

Here is a list of his main abilities

~Emotional Healing

~Mental Healing

~Spiritual Healing

~Inner eye opening

~Minor physical healing

~Soul repair

~Cleansing of the spiritual bodies

~Bringing renewal

~2nd chances

~Clearing out negative blocks

~Attracting positive energy

~Providing protection from all evil, curses and negativity.

~ Aura Repair and protection

~Good luck

~Career success

~Better spirit communication and bonding abilities.

He can communicate by emotions, visions, telepathy, during meditation and a pendulum.

His current vessel is a nicely made pendant

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