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Female Star Angel - Blesses Keeper With Visions and Heightened Intuition


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Offered today is a wonderful female Star Angel. They are easy to work with and easily felt. Her energy can be felt be even the least sensitive of keepers and they are easy to work with.

In true form she is a lovely lady who looks to be in her late teens. She has long reddish blonde hair, large blue eyes and fair skin. She will often manifest as a small pinkish orb. You may also smell flowers, most common are roses.


She is a perfect entity to help you find your place in life. She will act as a guide and will take you on journeys of self-discovery. She allows you to live out different scenarios through dreams. When you are debating on a major life decision, ask her for guidance and she can come to you in dreams and let you make decisions there to see how well things will turn out! This can save a lot of time, money, energy and hassle!


She also helps you make wise decisions through visions of the future, heightened intuition and giving advice. She is intelligent and can help you on your path whether it be about love, careers, finances or other personal matters.


Opportunity will be draw to you often! He will bring you the chance to meet new people that will uplift you, money-making opportunities, opportunities for love, adventure, happiness and other positive things.


Besides serving as an excellent guide she also strengthens your connection to the astral realm. She will aid you in all astral travel and will help you with astral magick. Lucid dreaming will come to you and you will be able to go anywhere you wish to when you sleep!


She is a bringer of opportunity, good fortune, luck, and complete happiness.


She communicates well through emotions, telepathy, visions, and by pendulum.


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Her current vessel is a nicely made blue bead.


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