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Female Raven Familiar - Blessed Magickal Guide of Wisdom Spell Casting Healing and More


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Offered here is a female Raven Familiar. She is a Blessed spirit of vast magick ready to enter the life of her new keeper! She is kind, powerful, patient, loving and devoted. She will be an excellent guide for any level of keeper.

The Familiar is a spirit that is essential for any person of magick. They are highly magick and spiritual companions who aid can aid their beloved master on their magickal journey! 

Info on the Raven Familiar.

Familiars are shape shifters who tend to favor one form in particular. Once they have chosen their preferred form they acquire many of the natural attributes of this form. She is a spirit of intense magick, spirituality, wisdom, healing, and renewal. Although the raven is her favored form, she can shift into other forms as needed. She manifests as herbal scents, temperature changes, shadows and misty gray orbs.

You will form a deep bond with your new Familiar.

A Familiar works as a blessed guardian and you can have him/her look after you, your home, your children, your pets and everything else you hold dear. They also make wonderful spy's who can pass on the thoughts of people who wish to harm or hinder your happiness. With a loyal Familiar in your life no ones secrets will be safe from you!

You do not have to be of Magick to possess one of these blessed spirits. You only need to be a person open to Magick and willing accept the Magick that he/she brings. He is a magickal guide you can aid you in reaching your full magickal potential. She can assist in spell casting, boost spells, deflect negative magick, aid in lucid dreaming, help you establish clearer spirit communication and so much more.

She communicates well through dreams, emotions, pendulum, telepathy, meditation and visions. 

Her current vessel is a bead.

Please email me if you have any questions.

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