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Male Psychic Barbary Lamb - Magick WA Entity Blesses Keeper With Medium Abilities, Animal Communication, and More


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Today we offer a male Barbary Lamb who possesses great psychic/medium abilities.

In true form he manifests as an aborable lamb with beautiful green eyes. In place of wool, she has leaves, brightly colored flowers, and branches. She most often manifest as shadows, the scent of rain or as colorful orbs.

If you wish to safely open your inner eye, have visions, lucid dreaming, and clear spirit communication abilities he is perfect for you!

This is a fantastic white art entity for anyone wishing to improve their psychic abilities! The Barbary Lamb works with their keeper to enhance any current psychic blessings you have. He can open your inner eye for better spirit communication and easier bonding.

He will quickly cleanse you of all negative energies to allow your spiritual energy to flow freely!


He can guide you in discovering new psychic abilities you never knew you had. Some of the abilities your new Barbary Lamb can bless you with include but are not limited to telepathy, prophetic visions, psychic dreams, clairvoyance and more! With his aid, you will know about many events prior to them happening. This can give you a real advantage in most areas of life!


This race also gifts their keeper with a closer connection to nature… You will become more in tune with plants, animals and even the elements! If you wish to have a beautiful garden, he can help it flourish! He even grants with him keeper with the gift of animal communication.


Other blessings this race bring to their keeper includes a boost in positive energy, removal of spiritual blocks, good luck and better sleep.


He communicates well through emotions, pendulum, telepathy, during meditation, and lucid dreams.

His current vessel is a nicely bead

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