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Commander Lunar Angel - Harnesses The Moon's Power and Passes It To Keeper - Commands Over 400 Angels - Including Astral Angels


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Today we are pleased to offer a male Commander Lunar Angel...He is offered from our personal collection, however he has worked with Lily the most.

One of the things we love about him is has a court that also has several Astral Angels...This allows for a wider array of blessings for you! 

In true form he is a handsome angel who is 6' tall, has a lean build, short light blonde hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. He is most often seen as pale blue orbs and mists.

He possess a great connection to the moon and all its power. This is highly coveted and magickal race of angel.

He can aid you in any type of lunar magick. He help you connect with the moon's energy and power to ensure that all of your spell work is interwoven with the moon's magick! Any magick that he does for you will be as powerful as a spell cast under the full moon... This even includes nights where the moon is barely visible!

Any pre-cast spells you currently possesses can also be boosted by him. He can easily make them more powerful and help them manifest faster.

You will also find that he has a strong connection to other realms.... Particularly the astral realm. He can help you strengthen your connection to this realm and aid you in traveling to it in dreams as well as speaking with powerful beings from it. You will be able to call upon powerful spirits from this realm to aid you in all your spell castings.

He not only is skilled in lunar magick and astral matters but provides emotional support and healing as well. He can help you forget painful memories and heal pain from the past. Depression, sorrow, regret, hate, and remorse will all be wiped away and replaced with only positive emotions. He is a very caring angel and will always look out for you. You will be protected from the negativity of outside forces and will be blessed with a feeling of renewal and attraction of positive energy. He turns you into a magnet for happiness and blessings!

He will communicate best by telepathy, emotions, during meditation, visions, telepathy, and by a pendulum.

Please email me if you have any questions.

His current vessel is a silver colored ring that is around a size  71/2

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