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Female Kiliki Fae - 2019 Summer Solstice Conjured!


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Today we are pleased to offer a wonderful female Kiliki fae!

These are rare and rather magickal Fae...Their magick, personalities and kind nature make them highly coveted.

On summer Solstice of 2019 she conjured just for you! Conjured on that very special night gives her that extra something which makes her a little more powerful then most. She is a gentle and devoted fae who will not disappoint. 

When she manifest in true form you will a small beautiful Fae with large dark eyes and short blonde hair. She has oversize sparkling wings and can be seen manifesting as teal orbs or streaks of light.

About this race...This race is extremely spiritual and are most active at night. Once you bring one into your life you find immediate changes, they are also exceptionally intelligent. Their intelligence can be passed on to their keeper...They can help with learning, memory and even with wit.


She will help you reach spiritual enlightenment which will help with spirit/entity communication and bonding.

She can aid in magick...Not only can she cast spells for you she can boost spells so that they manifest quicker. She is familiar with many of our most powerful spells!

She will help you strengthen your connection with the earth. This can bring feelings of peace and even help you see things this earth has to offer that most people cannot see or even understand.

She is about growth, knowledge and understanding. She can teach you anything you ever wanted to know...She can also help you develop empathic abilities so you will know the history and stories of anything with spiritual energy.

She offers guidance and always lead you down the best, most positive path.

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She can communicate by telepathy, emotions, during meditation, visions, and a pendulum.

Her vessel is a metal bead with pretty light green rhinestones.

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