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Female Ice Dragon - Completely Devoted Wish Granter, Healer, Who Brings Wealth and Helps Keeper Astral Travel

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Today I offer female Ice Dragon who is truly remarkable and friendly.
She is a level 7 dragon who is 5,956 years old...She is highly experienced and very easy to work with.

In her true form, she is a large dragon with a icy blue hide. She has crystal blue eyes. She will manifest as glowing white orbs, mists, and cool breezes.
 Her main abilities include:
~Casting spells 
~Enhancing and developing psychic abilities
~Aiding in astral travel and lucid dreaming.
~Attracting wealth
~Offering protection
~Breaking and deflecting curses and hexes

~Blessing keeper with mind control powers

~Calming tempers of those around you

~Bringing peace to your life

~Removing obstacles

~Easing stress

~Offering mental, emotional and spiritual healing

She communicates best through emotions, pendulum, meditation, and lucid dreams.

Her current vessel is a bead. 

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