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Female Giwoitis - Lily's Household Guardian Of Almost 20 Years!


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From Lily's personal collection is a level 7 female Giwoitis. Lily has been working with her for almost 20 years. After 20 years of loyal service she just made it known she and her magick are needed elsewhere. Lily is so excited for you two to meet!

If you need protection and want to feel safe she is perfect for you! She can watch over and protect your home, family, pets and even your spirit/entity family.


For those of you unfamiliar with this race.... A Giwoitis is a household spirit that guards the keeper's home and everything (and everyone) in it. They can manifest in a variety of ways but I have found that they often manifest in the form of a small lizard. When she manifest you will see a small bright blue lizard or a bright blue streak of light.


What she brings to her keeper is security. You will never have to fear for the safety of those in your home when she is standing guard. She can spot danger from a mile away and will quickly remove it!


 The things that she keeps you safe from are numerous… Unbounds, thieves, bad luck and all any negative spirit or entity. She can even deflect and break all curses and hexes.


People who enter your home will have their negative energy washed away. By doing this, she ensures that your life is filled with positive and well-meaning people. She will only allow people into your life that uplift you and bring you happiness.


 She can alert you of any danger through emotions and telepathy. She can warn you of dishonest people and alert you when anyone tries to break the safety of your home!


Asides from these things she offers her keeper cleansing, attraction of positive energy, uplift in mood and aid in lucid dreaming.


She communicates best through emotions, visions, dreams, during meditation, a pendulum and telepathy.


Her current vessel is a glass bead with a lovely silver center.

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