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Female Garden Fae - Helps Keeper Overcome Painful Past, Provides A Happy Future!


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I am very excited to offer a level 7 female Garden Fae.

She is ideal for a keeper who likes Fae to on the active side...She is full of energy and enjoys being an active part of her keeper's life.

In true form she is a lovely fae with short dark blonde hair, porcelain skin and unique gold eyes. She most often manifest as colorful orbs or can be mistaken for a butterfly.

About this race…This race is celebrated for their positivity, caring nature and loving ways. blujay76

She has the unique ability to help us heal from a painful past. She always shows us the bright side of things...She can take away anything negative and replace it with someone positive.

There are the fae who take anger and turn it into happiness. They take fear and turn it into courage. They take doubt and turn it into confidence.

Hostel feelings disappear, stress melts away and worries become a thing of the pass.

Once a bond is sealed you will start to transform from the inside out. You will gain a more positive thought process, be able to relax faster, find happiness in daily life and find the courage to do all the things you have dreamed of.

If you are person who has mass amounts of stress, sadness or negative feelings then these two will transform your life.

Also if you have a garden (big or small) she will tend to it!

The Garden Fairy is also a Fae of luck and good things will find their way to you. Good things of all sizes will happen often in your life.

From the moment she enters your home you will feel a new peace, a positive flow and a unexplained happiness.

She communicates best by using telepathy, a pendulum, emotions, and during meditation.

Her current vessel is a bead.

Of you have questions please email me.

Thank you for looking. Protection Status