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Female Encantado - Active and Kind Entity! Remarkable Wish Granter Brings In Great Happiness!

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Today we a extremely social female Encantado. She is perfect for any keeper who seeks a lot of positive changes...She will work day and night to see you are happy, safe, and blessed.

This race is a gifted shape-shifter...She can manifest as an animal or as a human. She will take into consideration what like before she manifests. She is even able to manifest as your favorite colored orb.

She can resolve problems before they manifest. You will never even know they were there...She also remove negativity and brings in positive energy.

She can help open your inner eye and give you some medium abilities...If you seek a deeper connection with spirits and entities she will be an excellent guide. 

Her main abilities include but are not limited to:

~Offering keeper protection against evil blujay76

~Granting wishes

~Boosting power of spells cast by you or for you

~Removing negative blocks

~Aiding in lucid dreaming

~Promoting psychic blessings

~Opening inner eye.

Her best means of communication are through emotions, lucid dreams, visions, pendulum and telepathy. 

Please email me if you have any questions.

Her current vessel is a bead. 

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