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Female Chinese Ki-Lin Unicorn - Helps Spirit Communication and Bonding - Enhances Memory and Intelligence!

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Today we offer a mature level 7 female Ki-Lin unicorn.

In true form she is a stunning dark color unicorn with a long slender curved horn. She will often manifest as large yellow orb or warm spots.

About race their and their abilities...

If you seek to bond better, have clear spirit communication, and spiritual lucid dreams she can help. She can safely open your inner eye to the spirit world. All aspects of spirit keeping, bonding, and communication can become easier.

The Ki-Lin is the much loved Chinese Unicorn...They are creatures of beauty, knowledge and great wisdom! They help their keeper with remembering important details, learning and concentrating. They are the entity of choice for collage students who study hard or for busy people who tend to forget daily tasks. They enhance memory and improve intelligence. 

She can keep your mind sharp, boost your wit, and greatly enhance your memory.

The Ki-Lin Unicorn is a white magick entity but they are very tolerant of your dark magick entities. They blend in well with your spirit family. They do have a great dislike for anything who is truly evil and wishes to cause harm. They know who/ what wants to help and who/what wants to hurt you. They will alert you of any dangers.

She is helpful and thoughtful. He wants bring happiness and positivity. If you at times find you are lost in life, not sure what to do or are not moving forward he is will be your guide! She will bring you wisdom and always make sure you find your way! Bad choices and mistakes will soon be a thing of the past.

She will be constantly checking your aura for damage or negativity. If she even finds the smallest of impurity she will remove it. Even the smallest damage to our aura can cause huge problems and blocks but with her around you will have a aura that is as good as new at all times!

She has a great knowledge of just about everything...From spiritual knowledge to human knowledge she knows about her. She will take great happiness in getting to share it with you! She will want to teach you about all the hidden secrets this and other worlds hold.

She has no tolerance towards people who do wrong and entities that want to unjustly harm innocent people. She will not stand to have this around you, her, your family and your spirit family. If need be he can be a warrior but her heart lies with learning, teaching, guiding and mind growth.

She communicates using emotions, telepathy, visions, during meditation, a pendulum, and visions.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me.

Her current vessel is a silver colored ring with a cat's eye stone. The ring is a size 8 and in good condition.

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