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Female Cerberus - Perfect Protection Instant Banishment Of Evil - Devoted Companion

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Today I am happy to offer what many consider to be the ultimate guardian. She is a strong and devoted level 7 female Cerberus who is ready for a keeper to love and protect.

In true form she manifests as a large canine-type entity with three wolf-like heads. Each of the heads have expressive and rather beautiful amber eyes. She manifests as glowing mists, large shadows, and green colored orbs.

If you seek protection, companionship, banishment of evil, protection from unbound entities, protection from curses and wish to see peoples intentions this race is perfect for you.

There is not a evil entity in this realm or any other realm she cannot banish. You and all you love will kept safe. She will watch over you, your children, other entities and even pets. She will love and care about all the things you care about.

This race will help you understand peoples intentions so you know if they mean you harm. She will keep all forms of evil out of your life.

She will issue warnings...Even if it's a family member who faces danger, she will let you know. This will allow you to alter any future negative events and keep family members safe. If for any reason you are blocked from her messages then she will step in and alter the events for you so that all things end positive.

Your new Cerberus is a warrior, a guide and a banisher of evil but he is also loyal and caring. She will serve you with love. He will walk beside you and he will never leave you. There will be many times where you will feel she beside you...This can bring so much comfort.

The feeling a Cerberus gives their keeper is one of safety and will that feeling stress is relieved...Less stress means a happier and longer life!

She communicates by emotions, visions, telepathy, and a pendulum.

Her current vessel is a nicely made bead.

Thank you for looking. Protection Status