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Female Ceasg - Find Love, Restore Passion, Keep Lover Faithful and More


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Offered today is a level 7 female Ceasg ... Of all the water races this is the one people request the most. In hopes to fulfill our clients wishes we just conjured her! She was conjured to set the standard and to match the power of any Royal without the Royals price.

I carefully close a photo that resembles her true form...She is beautiful, noble and elegant in appearance. Her new keeper may see her most often as mists that almost resemble water. She can also use water to manifest. You may feel cool spots, soft flutters and hear the sound of running water.

She is very excited to be offered today and she can't wait to meet her first human keeper.

About the

This races strongest ability is love, sex, youth and beauty magick...

They bring about only positive changes and are creators of true happiness.

She is a granter of all wishes. This race uses white magick to fulfill all of their keeper’s desires… With their unique magick she can bring you wealth, love, beauty, success, social power, confidence, and life happiness.

She can also do wonders for your love life! She surrounds you with a veil of energy that attracts people to you… She can help you attract an array of lovers and help add passion to any relationship. He can make love blossom, add passion, prevent fighting and bless any relationship with happiness. She may also be able to keep your love faithful.

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She can communication best by telepathy, emotions, during meditation, lucid dreams, and a pendulum

Her current vessel is a nicely made glass bead.

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