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Male Cat Sidhe - Fairy Witch Perfect Spell Casting Familiar - Guide, Companion, and Teacher


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Your for your consideration is an active and rather sweet Male Cat Sidhe. 

In true form he is a stunning white cat with brilliant green eyes, long tail, and very long fur...He is most often seen manifest as small shadows and orbs...You may hear him moving around your home or feel slight warmth next to you.

He is an absolutely kind and angelic entity who knows how to create great magick!

If you are seeking a loyal, magickal, familiar he is perfect for you. He is a wonderful teacher who will cast spells for you and your blood ties.

This is a spell casting race that can make the perfect familiar. He is an expert in many forms of magick and can cast for just about anything on your behalf.

A Cat Sidhe is a Fairy witch so they are very magickal. Their great magick can be used by their keeper and their keeper alone. They are open to both white and gray magick, you decide!

Your Cat Sidhe can and will cast powerful spells for you. Once you seal your bond your Cat Sidhe will do anything to please you.

I enjoy working with this entity type very much and find them very useful in my everyday life. I not only enjoy their great magick I also enjoy their companionship and warmth. 

They possess great energy that can cause some electrical disturbances. Their energy makes then easy to feel and can promote feelings of happiness. They can help us get up and go in the morning and then helps us relax when needed. Their powerful magick is vast and they can use it at a moments notice!

Being of magick they can bring their keeper many gifts like success, greater spirit interaction, karma justice magick and protection.

Once your Cat Sidhe bounds to you they will bound for life. They are simple, loyal and deliver your desires!

He communicates by emotions, visions, telepathy, a pendulum, and dreams.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me.

His current vessel is is a small opalite stone with a silver colored cat on top....It's nicely made and rather unique! 

Thank you for looking! Protection Status