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Male Caladrius - A Elite Of Psychic Visions Cleansed Aura and Much More

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I am very excited to offer a male Caladrius!

He is a complete joy to work with...He has an amazing energy and can be active.

He will manifest as a light, shadow or mist...Mostly they will be in the shape of a bird.

The Caladrius is a unique bird like entity that travels between the spirit world and our world. Most of his time is spent in our realm and he will only venture to other realms if needed or asked by you.

He offers cleansing of the aura as well as aura repair. A cleansed aura allows us to have more vivid spirit communication, feel better and even aid in spells manifesting faster!

He will destroy all evil, break any curse, shield you from black magick and ward away evil people.

He can relax a stressed mind and body. He can also ease feelings of anger or hate in you or people around you...This is a true blessing and can even help restore stressed relationships.

He can pass on psychic visions of your future or a loved ones future!

New abilities will blossom especially divination, intuition and precognition

He will guide you in life, he will help you take the true path to happiness and he will remove any barriers keeping you from true happiness.

His best forms of communication are through telepathy, meditation, visions, emotions, and sometimes dreams.

If you have any questions I am here and happy to help.

HisĀ  current vessel is a bead.

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