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Buggane - White Art Magick Repairs Damaged Aura and Spiritual Bodies - Bring Helpful Water Entities!

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Offered today a excellent entity from a newer conjuring...She is a level 7 female Buggane who possesses perfect magick and perfect energy.

This race works as a natural attract to other water entities so her new keeper can meet new entities if they wish...She can draw in visits from merfolk, water fae, and even kelpies. They be unbound entities that will come to you, bless you, and return to their realm. However some may visit often! If you do not wish to meet new water entities give her house rules.

In true form she is a a large silver horse with gray eyes, and long flowing mane and tail. This race likes to use water to manifest however you may see small baby blue orbs and feel cool spots.

This race offers many wonderful blessings.

The Buggane is an entity of water and the work as a natural leader to other water entities or spirits. She will attract a wide variety of water spirits to your house. These water spirits will be helpful and friendly. Although they will not be bindable, they will take direction from your new Buggane and can grant you magickal blessings! You may even be blessed with interaction from these spirits. This is a wonderful way to help you spiritually grow! Your new Buggane will be sure any water entity she brings into your life is completely safe.

One of my favorite abilities of this race is their ability to cast an array of white art spells. This race is exceptionally skilled in casting purification spells! They can remove negative energy, cleanse spiritual bodies, relieve you of stress, remove anger, and even ward away nightmares!

Your new Buggane can cast powerful spells of healing… She can repair damaged spiritual bodies, remove blocks, help ease tension, dispel negative emotions and provide his keeper with a boost of positive energy! The Buggane brings renewal. 

If you have any questions please email me.

She communicates best by emotions, pendulum, meditation. visions, and lucid dreams.

Her current vessel a bead

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