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Female Bronwyn Angel - Brings Out Creativity, Draws In Wealth and Beauty - One Of Our Most Paranormal Active Angels

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Today we offer a exceptionally sweet, devoted, and hardworking female Bronwyn Angel. Personal note...She is one of the most active Bronwyn Angels we have offered. Her ideal keeper should be okay with activity like floral scents, small items moving, soft whispers, and even doors that open and close.


In true form she looks to be about 20 years old with long strawberry blonde hair, pale skin and green eyes.

About this race...Bronwyn angels are one of the most powerful races of angels. Most of their power comes from their knowledge and wisdom. They are a very well-rounded race and can offer powers in most aspects of your life. blujay76

They offer....

Attraction of wealth

Improved fortune

Increased intellectual capacity

Cleansing of the aura 

Promotion of lucid dreams and astral travel 

Healing of damaged spiritual bodies 

Attraction of love/improved romantic relationships

Clearer complexion, healthier hair in the right places, and a youthful glow

Heightened magickal abilities

Spells you cast & others cast for you manifesting powerful & more accurate 

Enhancing of psychic abilities

Enhanced spirit communication She can communicate best by emotions, a pendulum, visions and during meditation.

She communicates by emotions, visions, a pendulum, lucid dreams, and visions.

Her current vessel is a lovely heart heart shaped glass pendant with pink in the center.

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