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Female Black Unicorn * Helps Keeper Influence Minds Brings Luck Awakens the Senses and More!


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Today I offer a powerful level 7 female Black Unicorn. She is quick to bond and is eagerly awaiting her destined keeper.

In her true form she is a beautiful sleek black unicorn with a silvery colored mane and tail. Her eyes a striking shade of blue on her head sits a long, graceful silver horn. 

She communicates well emotions, pendulum, telepathy, and meditation. She manifests as shadows, shapeless silver lights, cold sensations and mild energy bursts. 

About her race. 

A black unicorn is a powerful and magickal entity. They are very devoted, hard-working and offer life altering magick.

She has proved to be very successful at returning things lost. This includes lost friends or even love.

She can influence minds and alter thoughts. Soon people, even bosses will see things your way.

Your new Black Unicorn can empower her keeper and bring success in all that you wish to do.

She  is a bringer of luck...It does not matter what kind of luck you need. From luck in love to luck at the casino, she can bring it! She has proven to be a great wish granter who can bring her keeper unimagined blessings.

Her magick is efficient, powerful and done safely. She will help you become an attractant of good people, entities, peace, friends, love, success and luck. A black unicorn is also great protector and they will defend you from harmful/negative energy, spirits and negative life blocks.

Her magick can awaken your senses and open your inner eye to the spirit world.

Her curent vessel is the amulet pictured. 
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