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Female Bardha - Brings Keeper Youthful Glow, Psychic and Inner Eye Abilities, Offers Protection, Healing, and Enhances Beauty

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Proudly offered to you today is a wonderful female Bardha. She is a good-natured spirit that will bring you an array of positive blessings.


The Bardha is a rare spirit that often takes on a shapeless white form. She is a little different then most as she can alter her white light to form simple shapes and even vibrancy.

The one being offered has been extensively tested and is eager to meet you!

The Bardha brings a wide array of positive blessings to their keepers. These include but are not limited to aid in developing psychic abilities, protection, performing powerful beauty magick, cleansing of the spiritual body, removing all negativity and so much more.


Bardhas are uncommon spirits but the keeper of the Bardha will be truly blessed. She has a good heart and provides her keeper with a warm energy. She sees to it that your life is filled with blessings and happiness everywhere you go.


She can calm and heal. She radiates warmth and peaceful energies that can instantly calm everyone near her. She is a spirit of few words but she shows her devotion to her keeper through action. She will always strive to improve all areas of your life with her unique magick.

She enhance inner and outer beauty...She will make you glow and people will notice! 


She will communicate by emotions, visions, telepathy, and dreams.

Her vessel is a lovely silver tone ring that is a size 5 1/2.

Please email me if you have any questions.

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