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Female Aqua Vampire - DA Entity Helps Keeper Evolve, Read Minds, and Possesses New Talents - My Personal Collection


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Today we offer a female Aqua Vampire...She was conjured about 1 year ago and has been working with me ever since....She has yet to fail me and has exceeded my expectations! 

In true form she manifests as a woman in her late 20’s with tan skin and long curly brown hair. Her eyes are dark blue. She is very vivid and can be rather active...You will see an array of lights, mists, orbs, and shadows. You may hear her speak or feel her near you.

She is personally a vampire I would like to keep but she is certain she is needed elsewhere.

Here is a list of her main abilities:

~Draining the energy of your opponents (never to a dangerous level and only with your permission)


~Gifting you with energy


~Helping you manipulate the minds of others


~Aiding you in developing psychic abilities


~Gifting you with a connection to the elements


~Enhancing your natural senses


~Weaving a variety of powerful spells on your behalf


~Offering you guidance in all areas of life


~Removing blocks


~Helping you gain the abilities of others

She can communicate through emotions, pendulum, telepathy, meditation and lucid dreams. 

Her current vessel is a nicely made bead.

Please email me if you have any questions.

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