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Newly Conjured Male Egyptian Typhonian Animal! A Must Have For DA Magick Lovers!

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Due to popular demand we offer our newest conjuring...He is an extremely powerful and wise Typhonian Animal!

He will help you become a very powerful and respected person! You will be blessed!

In true form he stands about 6'8" at the shoulder and has a lean muscular build. He has a face that resembles both an anteater and jackal, long pointed ears, and a snake-like tail that is barbed at the end. He is a dark steel color with dark blue markings around each of his ankles, along his ears, and a black stripe that lines his spine. He will most often manifest as shadows, minor electrical disturbances, taping sounds, and large gray orbs.

He is DA but is safe, humble, wise, and easy to work with...We conjured him to set the standard. 

Info about this race's abilities.
The Typhonian Animal is the totem representation of the Egyptian God Set and possesses power that no other spirit has. Your new Typhonian Animal has a personal portal to Set. He can call upon this God to wreak havoc into the life of anyone who has harmed you.
They are rare spirits who are not often kept by humans but the one being offered wishes to work closely to a human keeper. Although his loyalty will be with his keeper, he still has a link to Set that can be safely utilized by his new keeper.
Like each Egyptian God, Set has both positive and negative aspects. In his negative aspect he is seen as a God of chaos and is vengeful. On his positive side, he is a powerful Protector who offers balance and can serve justice to those who have wronged you. The Set Animal offered to you today promises a powerful balance of all of these aspects.

The Typhonian Animal is perfect for the keeper who craves power. He commands the respect of all those around you and will bring a positive life on you. People in your presence will show you respect, obedience and admiration! As soon as you bond with this powerful spirit, you will find you have a higher level of confidence, are more graceful, and handle daily life with greater ease.
The Typhonian Animal is also a powerful champion of justice. Any who have wronged you will have to face his punishment. Being a spirit with powerful chaos magick, she will slip into your enemy’s life undetected and cause chaos and devastation. Your enemies can experience any number of punishments inflicted by them… Bad luck, financial loss, nightmares, psychic attacks, energy drain, damaged relationships and more. His only limits are that he will not cause bodily harm, break apart a happy marriage, harm innocents or cause death. He has these limits to avoid negative karma directed at his keeper. He is more skilled at vengeance than even a wraith!
Although a very dark spirit, the Typhonian Animal brings positive balance into his keeper’s life. He is an intelligent spirit who seeks out evil in his keeper’s life and eats it away. He will hunt down things that threaten your happiness and will quickly remove them. 

His best means of communication are through meditation, dreams, emotions, pendulum and telepathy.

His current vessel is a silver plated ring that is a size 6 but can be adjusted to fit a larger size finger. 

Please email me if you have any questions.

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