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Commander Female Throne Angel - Powerful Healer and Problem Solver! Personal Collection For 3 Generations!

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Today we offer an Angel Queen, otherwise known as a Commander! She has served 3 generations of my family and has made it well known she is now meant for another...She is a talented problem solver so if you have problems and blocks you may be the one she is waiting for!

She commands over 400 Throne Angels and several Warrior Archangels for added protection and shielding. 

In true form she is a 5'10" tall, has a lean build, has long curly blonde hair, unique silver eyes, large white wings, and perfect porcelain skin. She looks to be about 25 years old and will manifest as floral or herbal scents, moving shadows, and a rainbow of orbs. 

About the Throne Angel

They are Angels sent by God to help humankind. Since they’re Angels of Righteousness and Authority, they are called Thrones.

She will be attentive guardian of you, your home and of lower ranking entities and spirits. She can also help guide weaker entities to power. 

She will bless you with many gifts that include messages from the Gods, Goddess, spirits and even lost loved one. She can connect you with all beings and help your spiritual growth blossom. She can help open your inner eye open so you can communicate more easily with the bound spirits/entities you keep.

She will protect you from evil and break any black magick. She is excellent at removing curses and cleansing the aura of their negative effects.

She is a powerful problem solver and will fix each problem you may have. Nothing is too big nor too small. She has proven to excellent with solving people problems, money problems, and even love problems. She happily will take on the biggest of problems.

She can instantly banish negative energy and replace it with positive energy. 

Her abilities also include healing abilities. She will be excellent with easing minor pain so if you have headaches or backaches her warm or cool touch can do wonders.

If you seek messages from higher beings, healing, positive energy and protection she is more than able and willing to help.


Her best forms of communication are through telepathy, emotions, a pendulum, during meditation and lucid dreams.


If you have any questions please email me.

Her current vessel is a butterfly ring with purple stones on the wings. It is a size 6 but can be adjusted for larger fingers.

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