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Essence of Unicorn Spell-Good Luck Renewal Healing & More with No Bonding Required!

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Today my coven and I are offering the perfect triple cast spell for someone who wants the benefit of a powerful spirit, without actually keeping a spirit!


This particular spell is the Essence of White Unicorn spell. We cast this spell by working with the most powerful beings and placing their magick into this spell for you!


Unicorns are among the most sought out spirit races. They are a race of White Magick. There is no spirit with this offering…. You will receive pure unicorn magick. This is ideal for you if you do not wish to bond with a spirit


This spell can bring the following…




Good luck


Emotional and spiritual healing


Cleansing of spiritual bodies




Opening of inner eye


Sensitivity to spirits around you


Aid in spirit communication


Uplift in mood


Removal of negative emotions


Dispelling of stress






& More


This spell is ideal for anyone who desires the above blessings, but does not wish to keep a spirit.


We have these ready in mid-size polished stone in an array of colors. There are different vessel options above if you would prefer something else.

No need to wear it, just carry it and handle it for a small amount of time each day.

If you are looking for another essence spell of a different spirit please email me. We have more coming soon!

Please let me know if you have any questions. 

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