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Essence of Tatane Spell ~ Discover Your Talents & Be the Best!!!

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My coven and I have created a few of these offerings...These are perfect for anyone who wants all the benefits of a spirit while not needing to care for it...This is a spell and no Spirit comes with this offering...


This spell gives you the blessings of the Tatane without the need for bonding, offerings, or recharging. This is perfect for the person who does not have the time or desire to form a bond with a spirit.


The Tatane is a white art spirit that is kept by those who desire to be the best at whatever they hope to achieve. There is no spirit with this offering—just pure tatane magick!


The carrier of this spell can expect:


Improvement of existing talents


Removal of self-doubt


Better luck pursuing your passion


Removal of blocks that hinder your talents


Ease of learning new skills


Improvement of creativity

Recognition for your talents


And much more!


Whatever your passion is… This spell can help you find it and excel at it! This spell is ideal for aspiring artists, writers, musicians, dancers, business people, students, or anyone else that desires to meet their potential!



We have these ready in mid-size polished stone in an array of colors.

No need to wear it, just carry it and handle it for a small amount of time each day.

If you are looking for another essence spell of a different spirit please email me. We have more coming soon!

Please let me know if you have any questions. 

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