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Essence of Silver Dragon ~ Gain Complete Happiness with the Magick of the Silver Dragon


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My coven and I have created a few of these offerings...These are perfect for anyone who wants all the benefits of a spirit while not needing to care for it...This is a spell and no Silver Dragon comes with this offering...What comes with this offering is all the wonderful abilities of the Silver Dragon. These are exclusive to our site!

Please note the stoner may vary slightly. 

We have worked with many powerful beings to bring this offering to you. There is no bonding required, no recharging and no offerings needed. This is ideal for the busy person that does not desire to bond with a spirit, or does not have the time! You will still be blessed with all of the magickal abilities of the silver dragon.  

The Silver Dragon is a cheerful race of Western Dragon, and are known to bring their keepers a variety of blessings. With this offering, you will gain the blessings of the Silver Dragon without keeping one!

The carrier of this spell can expect:


The Attraction of friends


Improved luck


Banishment of stress


Removal of all negative emotions


Mental, spiritual and emotional healing


Protection against negative influences


Increased confidence




Strengthening of bonds between you, loved ones and your spirits


And much more!



We have this cast on a small raw amethyst pendant..This amulet may vary slightly.

No need to wear it, just carry it and handle it for a small amount of time each day.

Please let me know if you have any questions. 

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