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Erzulie Freda Voodoo Amulet Of Beauty, Sexual Power, Youth and Much More


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This is a newly cast spell from Queen Sabine that is endowed with all of the magick of Erzulie Freda. With Sabine's upcoming retirement her spells are very limited...Upcoming Voodoo spells will be offered by her Granddaughter :) 

This spell is one of Sabine's most popular. She is working hard on meeting the demand for this highly successful spell. This is her latest! She has outdone herself with this casting...Absolutely remarkable spell with perfect energy. 

Erzulie Freda is a member of the Rada Loa nanchon and oversees all matters having do with love and beauty. All of the best qualities of Erzulie Freda are channeled into this pendant. You will become the best version of you imaginable and will be a complete Goddess! 

The wearer of this spell will be blessed with…



Better Sex


Attraction of lovers

Finding your soulmate 

Igniting of passion in current relationship 

Clearer complexion

More alluring energy

Natural sex appeal 

Reigniting old love    


Overcoming anger and jealously 


And more!

The bonus spells are healthy hair, weight loss and muscle toning!

The pendant a stunning dark purple color with a golden colored cap. 

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