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Energy Infused Dried Lavender - Powerful Offering and Life Enhancer! Fresh!


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Today we offer energy infused dried lavender...Lavender has so many uses...First it's an excellent offering choice for any spirit or entity. Fae, vampires and sexual entities thrive off of it. Djinn and creature entities love it as well.

Please know our magickal herbs are not for resell. We prefer to safe these for our clients...Thank you for understanding. 

Just a small pinch of lavender is enough offering to reward all your spirits and entities.

It's also used for many magickal purposes. Carrying Lavender with you each day can help bless you and or enhance...Love, passion, clairvoyance, aura cleansing, happiness, healing,money, stress relief, protection, psychic protection, tranquility, divination, good dreams, energy, good luck, grieving, deeper meditation, memory, and psychic development.

My coven and I infuse this with energy for enhanced benefits...This is far beyond and more potent then the average lavender.

You will receive fresh dried lavender in a plastic bag and recharging/storage bag. On average it should last you 4 weeks as offerings and months as a magickal/life enhancer.

Thank you for looking!

If you have any questions please email me at Protection Status