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Female Kratti - Master Of Wealth, Protection, and Visions - Be Admired and Respected By All!


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Being offered to you today is newly conjured Kratti...

She is the ideal entity for any keeper wishing for life enhancement...She is loyal, obedient, and powerful. She is also social!

The Kratti can help their keeper evolve, be known, be powerful, and be respected!

She is a very attentive companion who offers a wide array of life altering blessings.

A Kratti is a shape-shifter. They normally manifest as a cat or a feline type creature. I have seen her manifest as a stunning women with cat features. I used a photo of represents her true form.

The Kratti blesses their keeper and keeper's family with good luck, money, opportunity and the chance for advancement in all aspects of your life. They are especially strong with the ability to advance finances and bring about a abundance of luck!

Your Kratti will repel bad luck and anything that wishes to harm you! She truly cares for her keeper and will do everything imaginable to make you happy. Harmful things will be pushed out and good things will be brought into your life.

She  will help you gain social status by enhancing your strong points and attracting influential people to you. If you wish to advance further into your career or wish to obtain your dream job she will lead you there!

Another way in which she will help you succeed is by giving you visions of the future.

She will help give you insight on what may happen so you will have the opportunity to use that knowledge to your advantage! 

She communicates by emotions, through meditation, a pendulum, dreams, telepathy and visions.

Her current vessel is a bead.

Please email me if you have any questions.

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