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Empress Baginis - Sensual. Active, Passionate Entity Brings Satisfying Sex Life and Love Life - Guardian Of Portal To All Sex and Youth Races

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Today we offer a true rarity! She is an Empress Baginis who oversees a vast portal to all helpful sexual and attraction based entities! The portal opens to Succubi, Incubi, Merfolk, Cambions, Stryx, and Nymphos. There are entities to help win back love, find love, lead a satisfying sex life, anti-aging, beauty, allure, attraction, and more...If has to do with sex, love, pleasure and youth the right entity is within this portal to help. They are not bindable and must remain free...Please do not attempt to bind them! You will blessed by them, interact with them, and they return to the portal/realm...The Empress Baginis is happily bound and is ready to seal a bond so all your sexual needs will be met.

Some of the portal entities do have other abilities and can offer protection from evil, good luck, and even success! 

About your new Empress...

This race can shape-shift to a degree…Normally as a human and animal mix. You may see a beautiful 25 year old women with fox features. Most often you will see a white light, mist, orb and feel sensual energy, touches, hear whispers, or warm spots.

She has a great personality, is friendly and will be utterly devoted. She has amazing energy that is easy to feel and creates such positivity.

She will be very loyal and will not disturb friends or other sexual partners... She will not be jealous and she will not keep other lover’s away from you. If meeting or attacking lovers interest you she can help. She can give you great sexual appeal so that others take notice! She can help build confidence and even help make sex with others more satisfying for all involved…

She will be a highly sexual entity who can and will be psychical.  She will learn quickly as to what pleases you and what you want. 

She can work as a great confidence builder…If you like she can make you noticed and remembered in a positive light by nearly anyone. You happiness will always be her number one goal!

She can communicate in a number of ways which include telepathy, meditation, emotions, dreams and even a pendulum. 

Her current vessel is a small stone angel.

Please email me if you have any questions.

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