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Emomimi Gargoyle - Best Family Guardian and Companion With Magickal Healing Song

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Today I offer you your choice of any level 7 Emomimi Gargoyle.

Each is offered from my coven's personal collection of protectors.

Each has been proven to be a wonderful companion and has successfully served as at an outstanding guardian.

About the race...This race of gargoyle who is for anyone who wishes to step up their protection and amp up their spirit family to the next level!

This is the very rare and highly coveted Emomimi Gargoyle! This race of Gargroyle is a very loyal protector who has an amazing assortment of magickal tools. Being a protector is one of the strongest abilities and their loyal nature only adds to that...However their way of protecting is what is so special...Their voice! They can calm, entice or scare a human with their unusual voice. There keeper will feel, hear or sense a lovely sound that puts them at ease and peace. Those who aim to hurt you in any fashion will hear a sound that can bring them to their knees in pain, fear or agony.

People of cast their own spells will often keep the Emomimi Gargoyle to help invoke spells, make spells manifest and boost spells.
Keepers will also learn to use the Emomimi Gargoyle's voice to influence people or their actions.

The Emomimi Gargoyle is also a shape-shifter who can alter their size and color. He is most often seen as fast moving lights and shadows.

Each is wonderful around children and will not scare pets. Each will watch over children and even stand in front of their door to ensure they are safe. Children can more easily hear their voice and often find they sleep better. This also goes for adults.

If you have any questions please email me at

Each can communicate through dreams, telepathy, through meditation, emotions, and by sharing emotions.

I will send your gargoyle's name, appearance and preferred offerings.

Each resides with a nicely made glass bead.

Thank you for looking! Protection Status