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Edion - Powerful Banshee From Coven's Collection - Enhances Psychic Abilities, Issues Warnings and Aids In Communicating With Ancestors!


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Today we are pleased to offer Edion who is from our personal collection.

In her true form she manifests as a woman in her early 30’s with pale skin, long thick black hair, and black eyes eyes. She manifests to her keeper as a high-pitched noise, shadows, purple orbs, cool spots and minor electrical disturbances.

A Banshee is on the darker side but not evil...They offer some of the most magickal of of blessings to their keeper. We always suggest every keeper be open to a Banshee. There devotion and dedication are unmatched! We as a coven have been working with her for 9 years and she is truly amazing.

Her main abilities include but are not limited to:

~Warning keeper of danger

~Enhancing keeper’s psychic blessings

~Easing stress

~Providing insight into the afterlife

~Aid in communicating with ancestors

~Removing negative blocks

She communicates well through emotions, pendulum, telepathy, lucid dreams and meditation. 

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Her current vessel is a nicely made bead.

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