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4,889 Eastern Attendant Dragon Complete Devotion - Brings Happiness, Peace, New Friends, and Enhances Winning Luck


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Today I offer you level 7 male Eastern Attendant Dragon.

He is 4,899 years old and in true form he is a slender dragon who is emerald green in color with blue  mixed in...He will most often manifest as flowing lights and temperature changes.

He is extremely kind and easy to work with...He will be completely devoted and even lovable to his keeper.

He offers comfort and support. When you are sad, emotionally drained or even nearly hysterics he will surround you in warmness and an perfect love. He will show you hope, he will bring the changes, and suddenly things wont seem so bad. With him life, good things, and happiness are easy!

If you desire to meet new people, make new friends or strengthen current friendships he is perfect for you. He attracts good luck and this includes good people. His power makes strong bonds between people and will bring out the best in you for all to see and love!

He is also a dragon of luck! He attracts things that will make you happy and will make life easier. Things like luck in love, money, jobs and even winning will always be with you.

He communicates by using telepathy, visions, during meditation, telepathy, and emotions.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me.

His current vessel is a nicely made bead.

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