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Supermoon - God Level Salia - Can Solve All Problems. Including Money and Loves - Commands Royal Salia!

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Today we are pleased to offer Strawberry Supermoon God level Salia...He radiates goodness, kindness, and is a creator of life happiness. 

He will forever possess the same power and magick of the supermoon...All his magick will radiate with it's power and success.

Being a God Level is a rarity...He has surpassed Royals, he now commands them.

In his true form he manifests as a dragon-like creature with transparent wings, a white and pink body and dark blue eyes. He is similar to a small dragon in his true form. He will most often manifest as temperature changes. light pink orbs, and slender flowing shadows.

His main abilities include:

~Removing negative forces

~Problem Solving - Included money and love problems

~Bringing 2nd chances

~Providing spiritual and emotional healing (not to replace a doctors care)

~Attracting opportunities of life advancement, positive change, and an abundance of white art blessings

~Removing negative blocks

~Promoting positive renewal

~Cleansing and repairing the aura

~Attracting and amplifying positive energy.

~Attracting positive people and love interest

~Creating happiness and success in the work place

~Removes burdens. 

He communicates best through emotions, pendulum, and lucid dreams. 

His current vessel is a nicely made bead.

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