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Dark Art Male Alicorn - Banishes Troubled Finances - Hybrid Black Unicorn and Pegasus!


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Today I offer you an amazing Black Alicorn. This Alicorn is the hybrid offspring of a black unicorn and a dark Pegasus. 

He possess only the best of each race with no weakness.

In true form he is a massive black horse with a long horn, huge black wings, and dark red eyes. He will most often manifest as purple lights and cool spots.

He has many magickal abilities he offers...He is a remarkable guardian and she will go to any length to protect you...Nothing will get past him, he can defeat evil the most powerful of evil.

He will stop at nothing to ward off negative people, negative energies, and any spirit or entity that means you harm.   

The keeper of this unique entity will be given a mass amount luck. Good fortune will now be a regular occurrence for you... Expect good things around every corner!

 He is especially good at easing troubled finances and attracts a positive cash flow.

He will draw love to you and attract lovers and more sex.  You can become more youthful in appearance and appear as more attractive to those who see you.

He will grant you with boundless wisdom and infinite knowledge of all types of magick.

He can help her keeper master astral travel and lucid dreaming...This includes having lucid dreams of the entities you keep.

He has proved to be very successful at returning things lost, including lost love.

He can help you influence minds and alter thoughts of others.

He can empower her keeper and bring success in all that you wish to do.

He makes life easier in all ways and is sure to bring you massive amounts of happiness.

He can deliver swift justice to enemies.

He communicates by emotions, visions, telepathy, a pendulum, and during meditation.

His current vessel is a lovely stone pendant that is about 2" in size.

Please email me if you have any questions.

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