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Dark Art and Gray Art Offering Bonding Candle - Small Candle and Big Results! Newest Blend - Long Burning Blend


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These work the same as our bigger candles and are long burning...

This is our newest blend...They still work for DA but also for GA entities and spirits too!

Please note that shipping price is for US clients only. International shipping ranges from 13.99 to 22.99

I get a lot of emails from DA, GA, and even BA keepers asking what their entities will like. Because of the demand and usefulness of these candles are are always working towards offering more...This candle is spelled and created with all the things all types and level of Dark Art entities/spirits love and need to thrive! 

These also make wonderful bonding candles!

Just one candle will help you build a faster stronger bond with your Dark spirits and entities

One candle goes a long way and can be shared with many Dark Art entities.

When used as an offering your entities will love you all the more. He or she will be renewed with energy...More energy means more magick, communication and can aid them in manifesting! 

If you love your spirits and entities I highly suggest one our candles...Let your entities know and feel just how much you do love him or her! 

When your entities knows they are loved your life will be filled with great luck, love, power, confidence, money and other blessings. 

This candle was created for all types and levels of DA spirits and entities. This also very simple to use for bonding or as an offering...Simply light the candle next to your entity. Let your entity/spirit know that this is their candle. I will send the simple suggestions on how to use this.

Please take note...This photo is a stock photo. Your candle will vary from the one in the photo.

Each candle is a small tealight candle. They are lightweight so international clients can buy as many as they want without any additional shipping charges.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me

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