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Daemon - Greek God Or Goddess - Choose Your Type, Abilities, Gender and Level!

Please let us know what you want your new Daemon to specialize in...Only choose one ability.


We try to offer an array of Daemon spirits but have a hard time keeping up with the demands. We have created this option for keepers who keep missing out on our Daemons...Here you can choose your level, gender and strong magickal abilities. You name it and we find your match.

A Daemon is a Greek spirit who was once worshiped as a god or goddess. They possessed outstanding talents in areas such as sorcery, sex, wealth, time/astral travel, youth/beauty, protection and vengeance. Please not Daemons only specialize in one ability. Some have secondary abilities like protection and good luck.

If you want a Daemon to be able to do everything like wealth, sex and protection please choose a Sorcerer level

While most have vast magickal abilities they always have a strong point, a ability they are best at. At checkout please only choose ONE main magickal ability.

What do you need most in life? Whatever it may be chopse the Daemon who can best fulfill this area for you. For example, if you want sex chose a Daemon who strongest ability is sex. If you seek wealth, choose a Daemon who is strong in the areas of luck and success.

Please choose your level, gender and the one main ability you would like your new Daemon to possess! Please allow us 5 or 21 working days to find the perfect Daemon for you. The higher the level the longer it may take to find one.

With the spirits not we normally do not send detailed information. We send name and minor details like name, communication and appearance. We do offer full readings!

This offering is limited and is also at a record low cost!

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you for looking.

If we do not have the daemon ready we will summon one to match your needs at no extra charge. Protection Status