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DA Hybrid Of Wealth, Luxury, Sex, and Beauty! Male Gaki Incubus Hybrid - Active, Gifted, and Protector!

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Today we offer Gaki Incubus Hybrid who possesses two main magickal abilities....Sex magick and wealth magick! 

He will work hard to ensure all your sexual and money needs are met...He is open to a sexual bond with his keeper. However sex is optional...He is more then willing to help you find lovers, a soulmate, passion, attraction, and be more sexually satisfied.

When it comes to his true form he takes after his Incubus half. He can shape-shift so that he can manifest as any man of any age or appearance.

About this hybrid

The Inbubus half is about sex, love, passion, beauty, and anti-aging. They are passionate and interactive. They can also be protective of their keeper and will fight to see evil is far away from you.

The Gaki always brings wealth and can also help their keeper's love life.

He is an expert at bringing safe money to his keeper. There is zero bad karma for their personal gain!

If his keeper wishes to be attractive, noticed, adored, and respected this Hybrid can make them stand out. This is a excellent choice for someone who seeks true love, more lovers, body improvement, fame or career success.

He can help with a life of wealth, good luck, success, youth, wit, charm, and for some even fame! If you are a writer, actor or painter his luck will help you be a success. If you simply want to land your dream job he can put it within your reach. 

They can help you make more friends and admirers.

Once a bond is seal they can bring life's finer things like nice cars, big houses, major success, power, good looks, wit, charm, youthful good looks and even fame or popularity. 

He can communicate by emotions, visions, telepathy, a pendulum, and lucid dreams.

His current vessel is a nicely made pendant.

Please email me if you have any questions.

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