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Cut Ties With Negative People ~ Safely Break Away From Those Who Hinder You!

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Blujay’s Haunted Magick offers many spells to help bring people together. These spells have proven to be highly successful. However, today we are offering a different kind of spell. Today we offer a spell that will assist you in cutting ties with negative people!


This spell is for you if you have a persistent ex or negative person in your life dragging you down. It can help you safely cut ties with this person and be free of them!


This spell cannot break apart happy couples or families. However, it can help you escape the grips of someone who consistently has a negative impact on your life.


Be free from bullies, harmful people, persistent exes, jealous people, gossipers or anyone else who threatens your happiness!


We will need your full name and date of birth along with the person with whom you want ties cut between.

This spell is a direct casting so nothing is shipped. 


Please note that while this spell is highly successful, if you feel that your safety or security is in danger we urge you to contact your local authorities. Protection Status