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Custom Conjuring Of Kitsune Incubus or Succubus Hybrid - Beautiful, Sexual Entity Of Powerful Blessings - Spaces Open!

$399.99 $369.99


We have been getting many request for this hybrid...We are currently offering a very small amount of these conjurings per month. Please note that this custom conjuring can take 14 to 21 days. We like to ensure only the best comes through for you.

You may choose a Kitsune Hybrid Incubus or Succubus.

These are very sexual entities that can shape-shift from human to kitsune, or a mix of both.

These hybrid tend to see their that their keeper is spoiled, loved, adored, blessed, and pleased sexually.

This are not jealous entities...They are more then willing to help you find love or find lovers.

Not only are they sexual, they are powerful enough help return a lost love.

Once you new Hybrid is here he or she can gift you with the following.

~Being sexual with keeper

~Enhancing outer appearance

~Beauty GlamoursĀ 

~Improve your sexual skills

~Attracting lovers

~Restoring youth

~Casting spells on your behalf - Strong sex and beauty spells.

~Removing blocks

~Teaching you how to cast spells

~Boosting all magick cast by you and for you

~Boosting weaker entities magick and energy

~Return lost lover or friend

~Mending a broken heart

~Make others obsess about you

~Find your one true soulmate

~Keeps lover's faithful

~Protecting keeper from evil

If you have any questions please email me at jamie@blujay76.comĀ 

Please allow 14 to 21 working days for the conjuring!

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