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Custom Conjuring of Any Were - Your Choice of Animal, Gender, Strong Points

Please tell us what type of were you are seeking along with any special qualities you are seeking.


We have received several requests for this offering and today we are excited to finally bring it to you!


Today you are given the chance to have any type of were custom conjured specially for you! You can name the type of were, gender, abilities, characteristics, level and other things you would like to see in your were!



The term "were creature" has a variety of meanings. Typically when we think of weres we think of a human who transforms into an animal. A were however, can simply be a half human-half animal (pretty much any animal)! For example, it is possible for a were cat to look completely human, but have cat-like reflexes and cat-like senses.


Other cases in which weres have been reported include a human with a permanent animal-like appearance. This could be a human who has reptilian eyes and scales covering his/her body. These kinds of weres often have the senses of their respective animal.


And of course, there is the traditional were, who can shape-shift into a certain type of animal.


Were-creatures have a wide range of abilities. There are a few that are typical to the majority of weres. These include: gifting keeper with sharpened senses, developing animal telepathy, giving super strength, and protection. However, weres often have a broader range of abilities based upon their respective animal.


Common types of weres include: were-wolves, were-bears- were-foxes, were-coyotes, and were-cats. However, this conjuring is open to any type of were.


Please note that this conjuring does not include royals and/or were packs.  Please allow 7-14 days for us to complete your conjuring.


Let me know if you have any questions and thank you for looking. Protection Status