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Custom Conjuring Of Any Sex Spirit - You Choose

You may also specify personality traits.



Up for your deepest consideration is a custom conjuring for your own pleasure. 

My coven I have agreed to aid those who are seeking one of the most fascinating and sensual spirits...The succubus or incubus.

This is for a level 7 sexual entity of your choice. The succubus, incubus, cambion or any sexual entity we conjure for you can be chosen by you or you may allow the spirit to you. Either way you will receive a spirit who exists to please

Things you should know before taking one into you life are...They are a highly sexual spirits who can be psychical. They are master shape shifters who can appear as anyone...Man or Women...Anyone! They are fast learners and will quickly learn what pleases you and what you want. Your succubus will most likely come to you in very vivid dreams. Meditation can also be used with success.

Your bond with this spirit will be your own and very personal so in time the ways you experience each other may increase. Succubus are also loyal and will not disturb your partner...They need never know that you master and command a succubus...Your desires are their own desires and they aim to please!

It normally takes about 7-14 seven days to prepare and complete the conjuration ritual. I do need some minor details from you for better success. Anything you tell me will be confidential as is this listing. Your succubus will be bound to a stone such as quartz or pendant. Please tell me what you prefer and I will do my best to find a pleasing vessel. With your succubus I will include a bonding ritual, name and any other details I know. If you have any questions please feel free to email me.

Please note...We send full readings with each conjuring. However there will be certain traits and special things your new entity only wants to share with you. Newly conjured entities and spirits are not as experienced or as known as one from our personal collection or pre-conjured months in advance. Please understand that more effort on your part may be need to learn all their enduring traits...It's a wonderful experience and bond building for any keeper :)

Thank you for looking!

This excludes titles and hybrids.

Please free to email us with questions. Protection Status