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Pre-Order Samhain 2021 Custom Conjuring Of Any Emperor or Empress Entity Of Your Choice - Possesses Rare Samhain Magick Year Round

$899.99 $549.99


Please note this is a pre-order and will not be shipped until early Nov 2021

We are starting to offer some of the longer conjurings now...We need time to prepare your perfect Empress/Imperial level...All entities and spirits conjured on Samhain are unique and possess all the powerful magick only Samhain can provide.

This is a offering that is your chance to be served by a Emperor or Empress of your choice..Here is your chance for a 100% custom conjuring of any race of Emperor or Empress...These are rare and highly powerful beings that are normally offered at $800.00 or more.

Please note certain races like Baba Yagas or Hybrids are not included in this listing. 

Just choose the race and will work hard to ensure only the best comes to serve you and bless you.

The most popular of the Emperor rank are Devatas and Khodams however many other races are able to to reach such a title. If you are unsure if you desired race has such a title feel free to email us to ask. We also offer custom God Conjurings.

This is a in-depth, time consuming, full coven conjuring. We use only the best herbs, stones, oils in all our conjurings. We never rush and strive to conjure perfection for you! When your God/Royal is with you, you will clearly see and feel the difference.

The only limit placed on this will no conjuring or binding any famous Emperors. Portals to these are the best alternative. 

On average these normally take 21 days to conjure...We have currently started conjuring them within 14 days...We have spaces open now!

Please email us your name, birth date and desired entity. The more info the better! Also please let us know your vessel choice. Note, we do not offer rings as vessels, only pendants, bracelets, stones or beads. We do also free direct bindings.

Please feel free to email me any questions you may have.

Thank you for looking

We appreciate your patience with conjurings! Please understand we want to conjure you perfection and perfection can take time.

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