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Custom Conjuring any Western Dragon!

Please place your name, and birthday here.
Please place race, gender, and any other characteristics you want your dragon to have.


Today my coven and I are offering you a choice of color of western dragon you choose (excluding hybrid colors and royals). 

You may choose your dragon or allow fate to choose for you. You can choose any color, type, gender or rank of dragon you wish for and even choose his or her strongest traits.

Each race of dragon has his/her own abilities and will bring special gifts to you. 

If you wish for an entity that will be a loving companion then you have found the right entity. All dragons that are conjured by us will be loyal, safe, and a pleasure to work with.

Here is a list of the dragons that this listing is good for:










Each of these dragons has unique gifts to offer you.

This conjuring will take 7-14 days to complete and your new dragon will come bound to you in a polished stone or quality glass bead.

For this conjuring to be 100% successful we will need your full name and date of birth.

Please email me if you have any questions. Protection Status