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Custom Conjuring any Imperial Dragon! You Choose Race and Gender - 100% Just For You!

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Please place your name, and birthday here.
Please place race, gender, and any other characteristics you want your dragon to have.


Today my coven and I are offering you a choice of of any race of Imperial Level Dragon

You may choose your dragon or allow fate to choose for you. 

Each race of dragon has his/her own abilities and will bring special gifts to you. 

If you wish for an entity that will be a loving companion then you have found the right entity. All dragons that are conjured by us will be loyal, safe, and a pleasure to work with.

Each of these dragons has unique gifts to offer you.

This conjuring will take 7-21 days to complete.

For this conjuring to be 100% successful we will need your full name and date of birth.

Please email me if you have any questions. Protection Status