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Custom Casting With Instant Curse and Hex Removal - Direct Casting!

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Most Advanced Spell and Curse Breaker Custom Spell can remove any curse...Including ancient family curses.

Full Coven Casting just for you! Normal or Triple Cast.

These are now offered as only direct casting...We ship nothing with this order. If you wish for a amulet please view our store for precast curse amulets.

Black Magick can take many forms, from bad luck, unexplained sadness, to illness. In some cases they can cause loss on a massive level, this includes loss of life. If you have been feeling ill, weak, lack energy, feel blocked, loos of lover, loss of friends, loss of job or just all around back luck you may have a Black Magick spell or curse placed upon you.

If you have been targeted by Black Magick it is very important to reverse its effects as soon as possible.

My Coven and I can break any Black Magick spell or cruse. For your own sake and that of your loved ones please don't hesitate.

The Advanced Spell Reversal is unique, as it will work whether or not you know who cast the initial Spell/Curse against you. We can see the Spell is sent back where it came from. If want to reverse its effects immediately you have found the right coven!

We need your name and date of birth. You are welcome to share any additional info as you see fit. This spell is good for one person only...As a added bonus we will also directly cast a hex protection spell on your aura to prevent any future curses.

Please email me with any questions you may have.

Please allow 72 hours for results. Great care is taken with this offering.

Thank You for looking!

If you wish for it to be triple cast please add two to your cart. Protection Status