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Coven's Collection - Female Baba Yaga Specialize In Romance, Beauty, Passion - Comes With Queen Stryx!!!

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Today we offer a wonderful Baba Yaga! These are extremely powerful sorceress entities of untapped magick and endless abilities.

She was conjured a little over 2 years ago, she was was meant to be offered right away but we decided to keep her a little longer! Like all Baba Yagas she can preform any magick and summon any entities type. However she leans towards love, youth and sex magick and entities. If you need to improve your love, sex and attraction life you have found the master!

In true form she looks to be about 25 years old with long dark brown hair, brown eyes and ivory skin. She will most likely manifest as shadows, white mist or as a white orb. Her keeper may smell the scent of lavender, roses, sage or other herbs.

Personal suggestion...Give her herbs and candles as offerings when she is casting.

A Baba Yaga is a natural and gifted spell caster and her love, passion, beauty and sex spells are very successful...Her anti-aging is magick is some of the best yet. She can also cast all kinds of love spells…Finding love, renewing love, passion, lust and even bring someone’s soulmate. blujay76


She is able to summon spirits and entities for sex, youth, attractive and love. Be open with her, tell what or who you need so she can meet your needs perfectly. She already has several spirits within her keep...One is a Queen Stryx that is amazing and even interactive. She also has merfolk, vampires, fae and djinn that specialize in love magick. She has protective spirits too...I have encountered a wonderful wraith, hellhound and a Commander Courtwind Angel.


She is also able to cast other spells as well…Any spell for money, protection, psychic abilities, curse removal and much more.


She can communicate by telepathy, emotions, visions, dreams, a pendulum and during meditation.

If you have any questions please email me at

She can communicate by emotions, during meditation, visions, telepathy and a pendulum.

Her vessel is one of my favorites...It's stunning silver colored ring with a dark purple rhinestone and highly detailed face. It's a size 7 and in excellent condition.

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