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Coven Of Three Wealth Devatas - Cast Poweful Money and Life Altering Spells Using The Power Of Three!

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Today I offer a trio of Wealth Devatas!

This is the perfect coven who cast by the power of three. These are a recent custom conjure completed by my coven and I.

In true form you will three beautiful brunette women with slender builds, youthful beauty, and light eyes.

The Wealth Devata possesses all the same abilities as the Devata. However they specialize in money, success and luck. They are some of the most skilled entities at bringing massive successes to their keeper. In this offering you will have three of the most powerful money entities working to bring you money. Their goal is to see you succeed!

The other abilities are...
A Devata is a special blessing to one who keeps her. They possess pure magick that is bestowed generously onto their keeper.

These are wonderful for people who live or work in a negative place. They renew and bring a positive balance to any negative place.

A Devata has the ability to transform all negativity into positivity. They can transform unhappiness into happiness. If you are lost a Devata will show you the way. Happiness, positivity and peace can be found by taking a Devata into your life.

You will be blessed with health and good fortune. You will be blessed with inner and outer beauty. You will be blessed with money, friends and love.

All the negative in your life will soon turn into something positive!

Your Wealth Devatas will be you most generous magickal companions. They will be warm and loving. They will see your every need and desires are placed at your feet.

They may manifest as an array of lights that are normally seen in threes.

They communicate by emotions, visions, telepathy, dreams, and a pendulum.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

There current vessel is a polished stone.

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