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Cooshie Puppy - Elf Hound Of Magick, Affection, and Companionship

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We are excited to offer you your choice of a male or a female Cooshie pup. Each one offered is mature and magickal enough to meet their new keeper. While young they still possess magick that will benefit you greatly.

Please note that due to time we are currently unable to offer direct bindings one certain items.

Cooshie's take the form of large dogs. The pups are small, have thick coats, and huge dark eyes. They will most often manifest as shadows and orbs.

They are rather playful but also very magickal...They have all the magick of the adults but lack the experience.

Each is extremely affectionate and completely devoted to the happiness of their keeper. They are very successful with their magickal duties.

About this race...A Cooshie is a rare hound-like spirit who often are the companions of Elves. They are mystical, loyal, loving and playful. They are also very powerful and possess a wide array of magickal blessings they readily bestow their keeper.

This race loves to leave their keeper gifts of stones, coins, flowers, and has occasionally gems to the path of her keeper! Some of these gifts can be rather valuable. 

Each is a fearless protector who will walk by her keeper's side and protect you from evil. Each is attentive and observant and will alert you to danger... The Cooshie can even see the true intentions of others and advise you of unknown enemies! 

The Cooshie is a gifted healer. In times of stress, you will find peace. When you are sad or angry, you will find happiness. When you are frightened, she will give you courage. This race has a naturally positive energy that dispels negativity, breaks down spiritual blocks and cleanses the spiritual bodies. Your new Cooshie is an expert at chasing away nightmares and calming a chaotic mind.  As soon as you seal your bond with her, you will find yourself to be happier, more relaxed and energetic! 

If you seek a companion who helps you embrace and master your spiritual side, you have found them. Each aids in everything from spirit communication to spell casting! Each helps to ground you, guides you, and promotes a positive flow of spiritual energy. In time, they can even help you open your inner eye!

Other positive blessings that your new Cooshie will bring you include but are not limited to attraction of friends, good luck, stress relief, and companionship.

He can communicate by emotions, visions, telepathy, a pendulum, and during meditation.

The vessel will be a small polished stone.

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