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Connect With Your Ancestors Seek Their Guidance! New Offering By VooDoo Queen Sabine



Today Blujay’s Haunted Magick is proud to bring you a new offering cast by our dear friend, VooDoo Queen Sabine! She has been hard at work to create this offering for you and today it makes its grand debut.


This unique spell was created to help the user form a connection to their distance ancestors.


This spell will allow ancestors of long ago to contact you through dreams, visions, telepathy and even pendulum!. You will be able to seek their council and ask for guidance. Your long-deceased ancestors will have insight into life that no living person can hold. This makes them excellent advisors and they can guide you towards your destined path and help you make wise decisions.


You need not know the names of your ancestors. The spell will merge with your energy which will open you to communication between you and distant relatives. Please note that this spell is not intended to bring contact with relatives who have recently passed as they are undergoing a new journey.


This spell is currently cast on raw gemstones however there are other vessel options above. We will send you a simple merging ritual. We are currently not offering this as a direct casting.


Please email with any questions. Protection Status