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Conjuring Of Your Destined ICE DRAGON!!! Full Coven and 100% Custom For You!



I have been having a hard keeping these offered and right now I have known to offer and several people asking about them.




I have talked to my coven and we have agreed to do a custom conjuring at cost for this amazing dragon. This will be a custom high Ice Dragon conjured just for you!




To make this a successful match we need your name and any other special traits or strong points you want him or her to possess. He or she will be perfect for you and will be just what you wanted!




About the Ice Dragon....





They are wonderful in all areas of astral travel. If you have always wanted to learn how  to travel she/he will show you, travel with you, protect you during your travels and see you safely home.



Their luck magick is huge! They pull in good things where ever they go. If you gamble let him/her guide you to the correct table!




They will bring you treasures...Sometimes this will be true treasure and other times it will be pretty stones or bright flowers.




They will protect you, he will keep evil away, he/she will stand guard in front of you home so that all entities and spirits know you are off limits towards any evil. Just him or her being there will be enough to deter many evil unbound entities from fallowing you home.



One the of the most blessed of traits of the ability to read minds. He will let you know what others are thinking, planning and feeling. If you allow him they will help you read minds as well as gift you the power of suggestion.




He or she can break curses of any kind. This includes witchcraft, voodoo and even hoodoo. If someone has hexed you it will be broken. Rather then send these curses back to the sender they prefer to hit them with a force of peace...Meaning, they can turn an evil person into one that shows signs of having a heart. Bad people all the sudden become not so bad anymore.


Ice Dragons are very kind, good natured, loving and easy to bond with. They are also beautiful and are able to produce amazing lights and orbs.



Their healing abilities are outstanding...If you have minor aches and pains they will sooth the spots with cool magickal breezes that may or may not tingle. This race of dragon is loved by people who get headaches, neck aches and backaches.




They will communicate best by using emotions, visions and lucid dreams.




This conjuring may take 7 to 10 days. We will keep you updated every step of the way. After he or she is here I will email you all their details.




If you have any questions at all I am here and happy to help!




The vessel will be a nice pendant. If you want a ring I will do my best!



Thank you for looking! Protection Status